About Us

XWS at your service

XWind Services was built by a team of seasoned renewable energy enthusiasts with decades of collective experience in the wind energy industry. As an offshoot from Techeol Inc, our Canadian sister company, XWS has been offering Construction, Major Component Exchange, Operations and Maintenance, Composite Blade and Service Lift services to wind farms from Canada to Central America since 2019.

With an excellent safety record, consistent employee retention, and our ability to deliver cost effective and tailor made solutions for every customer we engage, we’re confident XWind Services can help you maximize uptime and keep your assets producing.

Our values

Health and Safety for All

Quality in Everything We Do

Respect for All Parties Involved

Honesty with Everyone We Encounter

Lead by Example as a Group

Teamwork by All

Our philosophy

Our position is firm.  When you focus on people, whether it’s the customers we support or our own internal employees, we believe project, personal and organizational success will follow.  We believe safety and training are paramount to our mission and that they both apply to every role from the field through the office.  We are confident but trainable, ready to listen though willing to speak when called upon, and understand that our ability to connect with and support our customers will be the reason we're a leader in the Wind Energy industry for years to come.